ERC-20 Token

Exa Protocol Token - $XAP

Our native token is called $XAP and will be available on various DEXs and CEXs soon.

What is $XAP?

$XAP is the native token that powers Exa Protocol. It is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain.

What is the Utility of $XAP?
Exa Protocol compensates network participants who offer storage and transfer data using XAP (ERC20) tokens. These tokens are crucial for interacting with the network. Users require $XAP tokens to use the storage on the Exa network. The users who provide storage or transfer data in the network are compensated using the XAP tokens.

When was $XAP launched?
The token contract was deployed on 6th April 2024 in preparation for our TGE. The TGE is scheduled for Q3 of 2024 and the team is making preparations for its launch.

$XAP Contract Address: 0x66aA0E04864F2dE0Ee44d9e508e68415C04E2F57

Token Details

Token Symbol


Token Type

ERC-20 on Ethereum

Total Supply


Release Schedule

TypeAllocation (%)Allocation ($XAP)Vesting Schedule
Private I11.90611906250010% Unlock at TGE, 24 Month linear release
Private II0.484484375010% Unlock at TGE, 18 Month linear release
Series A55000000015% Unlock at TGE, 18 Month linear release
Advisors6.565000000Multiple vesting over 24 months post TGE
Team181800000000% Unlock at TGE, 12 Month cliff, 24 Month linear release thereafter
Public Sale110000000100% Unlocked at TGE
Ecosystem57.1095710937502.5% at TGE, Unlocked over time for mining/compensating users