Launching soon


Web3's mobile-first distributed file storage system.

...coming soon to Android devices.

What is ExaDrive?

ExaDrive is a peer-to-peer distributed file system that enables humans to store their data on a decentralized storage network created using mobile devices. ExaDrive is similar to a cloud storage service where you can put/get/delete files.

Friendly UX

ExaDrive offers a familiar and intuitive user experience, allowing you to get started quickly without the need to understand the complex technology behind it.

Earn Passive $XAP

With ExaDrive you can earn $XAP tokens. All you need to do is allocate your phone storage to the network and enjoy passive $XAP earnings as people start using your phone storage.  

Low Strain on Battery

The biggest concern while running a Web3 app on a phone is the strain on the battery.  ExaDrive uses minimal battery while offering a secure file storage system.

"A truly distributed file storage (DFS) will exist only with a mobile-first approach"