We are building a distributed file system using mobile devices

Laying the foundation of a truly decentralized internet using mobile first blockchain technology.



Exa Protocol is a peer-to-peer distributed file system that enables humans to store their data on a decentralized storage network created using the free available storage space on mobile devices.

With the mobile first approach people who do not have the means to harness the power of decentralization and blockchain will be able to do it for the first time. This in true sense will be democratization of blockchain technology.

"We believe that the future of blockchain technology is mobile-first. The next generation of blockchain solutions will be built for the next billion people who hold a smartphone."
Mobile First Approach

The current distributed file systems rely solely on PCs to operate. This has kept a billions of people from the blockchain revolution that we are witnessing.

No Data Centers

The current distributed file systems were designed to work on PCs. No one could stop data centres to join the network and virtually break the decentralization. Exa Protocol allows only mobile devices in the network.

Super Secure

The protocol breaks the file and encrypts individual pieces called shards. The shards are then stored on different devices. Only the file owner knows where the files are stored and how to decrypt them.

Super Fast

Since the pieces of your data are stored in multiple devices, we will be using multiple peers to download or upload the data in parallel. With the advent of the 5G expect blazing fast data retrieval.

Environmentally Friendly

We do not use Proof of Work consensus and instead rely on Proof of Space, Proof of Replication, etc. to secure the blockchain transactions.

High TPS Blockchain

Storage infrastructure requires a blockchain with very high throughput and since Exa Protocol will be running on mobile devices, a mobile optimized blockchain is currently under development.


Project Timeline

Project Conceptualization

May 2021

White Paper Released

July 2021

Research: Node Classification

January 2022

Yellow Paper: Lay the protocol

February 2022

Release the TestNet

Q4 2022 - Q1 2023

Final Mainnet Release

Q3 2023 - Q1 2024

Our Stats

We laid the foundations of Exa Protocol in July '21 with our whitepaper.

Since then we have been growing organically.


Nodes Registered

300K GB+

Maximum network capacity


Telegram Members

Meet the team

Saurabh Singh
Usha Rengaraju
Chief of Research
Arpan Garg
Chief of Technology

Our Advisors

Joe McCann
Founder, Asymmetric Capital
David Aronchick
Director of Research, Protocol Labs
Sherman Lee
Co-founder, Deep Ventures
Tommy Tran
Co-founder, Compute Ventures
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